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Residential investors

As a professional investor, you play an important role on the residential investment market. We are happy to advise you on the acquisition and sale of existing residential complexes, new-build output or land positions. We also handle valuations on the basis of accepted industry standards.

Our services to residential investors

Housing associations

Housing associations play a major social role in the Dutch housing market. We provide advice and guidance on issues related to the acquisition and sale of housing association property. We also offer independent current market valuations.

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You are a vital link in the production of new-build dwellings for the residential investment market. We advise you on rent trends and supervise the sale of projects to investors, as well as perform valuations.

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Banks & financiers

Investments in the Dutch housing market are needed. You are playing an important role by injecting capital into the residential investment market. We can provide guidance to you when selling real estate and are also specialised in valuations for the purpose of (re)financing.

Our services to banks & financiers

International investors

International investors play an important role on the Dutch residential market. We are the market leader in the Dutch residential market. We advise on the sale, acquisition and valuation of residential portfolios.

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Spatial planning plays a big role in aligning residential demand with supply. We give advice on developments in the Dutch residential investment market, provide guidance for sales transactions and conduct valuations for various objectives.

Our services to semi-government

Healthcare institutions

Changes to the healthcare sector system and demographic developments in the Netherlands are creating a multitude of challenges. We are happy to advise you concerning all your issues around healthcare property and senior housing, whether it involves acquisition or sales advice or a valuation.

Our services to healthcare institutions

"Capital Value is a specialist and market leader on the Dutch residential investment market. We offer transaction services, valuations and strategic advice to Dutch and international investors, housing associations, banks, developers, (semi-)government and healthcare institutions."

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Investment opportunities

We have various residential complexes and portfolios for sale throughout the year. If you are interested in residential investment opportunities in the Netherlands, please do not hesitate to contact us. For opportunities offered by Dutch housing associations or opportunities in healthcare investments, please visit:

10 juli 2018
Number of building permits still insufficient to reduce deficits. In the first half of 2018, 3.5 billion euros were invested in housing. Never before has the investment volume in rented homes been so high in the first half of the year. Indeed, it is Capital Value's expectation that all records on the residential investment market will be broken this year with a total volume of 6.5 to 7...
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2 juli 2018
As per 1 July, Natálie Verhoef has joined Capital Value Taxaties (Valuations). Natálie is a highly experienced valuer and financial specialist with over 13 years of experience in the real estate sector. Natálie is a registered valuer and is RICS certified.
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2 juli 2018
AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets announces that, on behalf of a German special fund focusing on residential investments, it has completed the acquisition of a € 9.1 million residential complex in Enschede, located in the East of the Netherlands. Capital Value advised AXA IM on the acquisition.
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25 juni 2018
On behalf of one of her clients, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance recently sold a residential portfolio consisting of 120 dwellings.The portfolio includes seven residential complexes with a total of 114 apartments and 6 single-family dwellings. The apartments are located in Maastricht, Zoetermeer, Berkel-Enschot and Sneek. The single-family dwellings are located in Beek, Maarssen and...
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Shared Value

Every year in February, Capital Value organises a meeting on the developments on the Dutch residential investment market. During this meeting, the results of our annual research on the Dutch residential investment market are presented. In addition, we invite 3-4 renowned speakers to discuss the developments on the market from various points of view. The meeting takes place in Utrecht.

Impression of Shared Value


Capital Value annually conducts research into the developments of the Dutch residential (investment) market. This research involves interviews with a large number of housing investors, housing associations and developers. The research is done in cooperation with ABF Research. The results can be found int he report: 'An analysis of the Dutch residential (investment) market'.

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